Tina the One Horned Triceratops (Book 1)

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Tina’s a little different than most triceratopses, although she doesn’t let that get in the way of having fun! But when the other triceratopses don’t let her spar with them, Tina decides it’s time to try and make some new horns for herself. Can Tina make some fun new horns to win over the other dinos?



Book Preview:

Hi, I’m Tina! I’m a triceratops!

But I’m a little different than most triceratopses. You see, most triceratopses have three horns: two on their heads and one on their noses.

And well… I just have one horn on my nose. And it’s a lot bigger than most nose horns.

I’m like other triceratopses in many ways though. I like eating plants. I like stomping around. And I like roaring really loud.

So in most ways, I’m just like everyone else, but because I have only one big horn, I get teased a lot. The other dinosaurs call me names like “Big Nose” or “Stumpy” since I have two stumps in the places that other triceratopses have horns....

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