Planning a Girls Mermaid Under the Sea Birthday Party!

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Planning a party is definitely a part of every person’s world but a Mermaids Under the Sea Party is most girls’ ultimate dream. Just imagine spending your special day in an enchanting world full of bubbles, under the sea scenery, and the beauty of magic all rolled into one. Now, there are some things to consider in planning a girl’s mermaid under the sea birthday party.

    Sea you at the Party – Come and sea!

The mood of the party is set right when the invites are received. Therefore, it is very important to send the best invitations to set the mood right. You can create invitations from scratch. The most popular choice for any celebration related to the sea is a “message in a bottle”. The invite is written on paper, rolled like a scroll, and placed inside a clear bottle with some sands and shells inside. However, if you are busy and would like to spend more of your time on other elements of the party, you can choose to get invites that are specially designed for under the sea parties. A great option is the Mermaids Under the Sea Birthday Party Invitations and Envelopes. When you get it, all you have to do is write the details on the invitation and send it to the right persons. You can never go wrong with these cute invites!





Sea Food – Eat and be a Merry Mermaid

Food is one of the most important elements in a successful party. To go with the mermaid under the sea theme, it is important to be meticulous in food planning and be extra creative in your presentation. A good idea is to serve cupcakes. Girls love sweets and things that look cute. The best thing about cupcakes is that you can decorate it so it look perfect for any themed occasion. Just bake any flavor of cupcakes, you can choose the celebrant’s favorite, and decorate it with pearl dust. Then, top it with a chocolate starfish which you may cover with any color of icing. You can serve this on Mermaids Under the Sea Birthday Party 7 Inch Dessert Plates with any other food that you will prepare for the guests.

    Drink – Cool and Refreshing Blue

The birthday drink is another easy way to make the guests feel like they are indeed, under the sea. You can try to find a tropical punch that leans more to the sweet side so it is perfect for little girls. Choose one that is blue in color. Then, place it inside a transparent drink dispenser. You can decorate the drink dispenser with things that you can find under the sea such as sea shells, cute little octopus, starfish, and more. You can also decorate it with some pearls to glam it up. Serve the tropical punch in Mermaids Under the Sea Birthday Party 9 oz Party Cups which are great for both hot and cold drinks. Little girls will surely love it because of its cute and colorful mermaid design. 





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