Planning a Gymnastics Themed Birthday Party

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For many children, gymnastics is one of the first classes outside of school that they take. Learning to tumble, flip, and somersault are all fun activities. For some children they continue on through the years with gymnastics lessons. If your child is one them, then a Gymnastics Birthday Party is probably perfect for them.

* Invitations:

Use gymnastics invitations to get your guests ready to tumble, jump and run! Be sure to include the date, time and location; whether it's your own home or a local gym, and let them know if they should dress in casual wear (shorts, t-shirts, leotards, etc.)

* Local Gymnasium:

If you will be using a local gymnasium for your gymnastics birthday party, talk to other parents or check the listings in your area to find out the best facility for your party.
Ask each facility about pricing, how many guests are allowed, availability of dates and times, privacy (will other events be going on or will you have the facility to yourself?) and what the gym provides (room for opening gifts, eating cake and ice cream; table favors, etc.)

Also be sure to ask what apparatuses will be available for your guests to use and if gymnastics coaches will be on hand to help the children and ensure their safety.

* Creating your gym at home:

If you decide to create your own gymnastics arena at home, choose a spacious living or family room, free from furniture and other objects that could be an obstacle. If the weather permits, you may even choose to create a "gym" outside.

You can purchase relatively inexpensive exercise mats to be used for tumbling. A balance beam can be made of a long wooden plank, supported by two cinder blocks and positioned close to the ground to ensure safety.

A backyard trampoline or even a mini-trampoline can simulate those used in gymnasiums.

* Gymnastics Party Decor:

Whether decorating a room at a local gymnasium or a room at home, you can use balloons and streamers in your child's favorite colors or go with an Olympic theme; use red, white and blue.
For an eye-catching centerpiece, use a large, inflatable gold trophy. Your child's birthday cake can be decorated to look like the American flag, or you can place cupcakes with red, white and blue frosting in the shape of Olympic rings.

* Activities:

A local gymnasium will typically allow party guests to try out the different gymnastics apparatuses (under supervision): bars, balance beam, ball pit, trampoline, ropes, tumbling mats, as well as offering "free time" for the children to return to their favorites.

Some gyms may even have organized games and activities as part of their gymnastics party package. If you are doing a gymnastics party at home, you can use your original apparatuses for obstacle courses, games or individual events.

You can award gold, silver and bronze medals to the top three finishers in each category (making sure each child places and receives a medal in at least one gymnastics event).

* Party Favors:

Obtain small, plastic trophies ahead of time. After the events are over, award a trophy to each child by writing the individual awards on sticky labels (i.e. "Zachary Smith: Most acrobatic" or "Lindsay Larsen: Best balance.") and placing them on each trophy.

Awarding trophies and medals are great, but you can make things even better! You could also have each child's gymnastics party loot bag filled with red, white and blue candy, pencils, erasers, pom-poms, pens, or American flags.

Gymnastics birthday parties are a fun and creative way to celebrate your child's birthday. These ideas can help you create a gymnastics party your child and his/her friends will remember!


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    Greta James: February 25, 2022

    My 4-year-old daughter will turn 5 in April. She really loves her gymnasium equipment at home and is learning how to do tricks on her balance beam. I love the idea of throwing her a gymnastics party at a local gymnasium. I will be sure to contact some local gyms to see if this would be an option in our area.

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