If you’re looking for kid’s birthday party themes for girls or boys you’ve come to the right place! We have an array of fun and favorite party theme designs for kids to choose from. Whether you are looking for a simple and easy theme or one that is extravagant, you’ll find something that your child will surely love.

A winning birthday party theme shows your child that their special day means as much to you as it does to them. After all, your child’s birthday is the most magical time of year for them. An epic birthday party theme will be one that everyone will enjoy and always remember.

Summer is certainly the time of year for something sweet! So why not have a Cupcake Party! From sources across the web cupcake themed parties have become popular. They are #3 for “Best birthday themes for kids.” This is the sweetest theme ever!

What’s more fun than to decorate cupcakes and make dessert the main event at your party. A cupcake birthday party is all about being creative. Kids will love decorating their own cupcakes with all kinds of different decorations, toppings and colored frosting. You can even have a contest to see who can make the best creation.


So Let’s Get this Cupcake Party Started!


  1. Start off by playing cool pop music to set the sweet mood.
  2. Simple decorations can add some sparkle. Use a plain tablecloth or fabric for your dessert table and sprinkle confetti or sequin all over just like sprinkles on a cupcake. Add a final clear plastic tablecloth over the sequin to protect. Hang clear Christmas lights in your party room to add a little more twinkle. A creative garland is easy to do by using a thread and needle to string colorful cupcake liners going the opposite direction for every other one.
  3. For a refreshment dip the rim of a cute glass in melted chocolate (do this prior to birthday party) and then place the rim in a bowl of colorful sprinkles. Add your favorite flavor of milk and top it off with marshmallows or whipped cream. Of course add your favorite sprinkles and a straw to slurp.


  1. A party wouldn’t be a party without games and activities. Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake is a spin on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Pre-make a poster size cupcake and make numbered cherries for the kids to pin on top of the cupcake. The one closet to the center is the winner.


For a Cupcake Sprinkle Toss use colorful bean bags (sprinkles) and have each child toss 3 bags into a muffin pan. 1st row is one point each, 2nd row is 2 points each and 3rd row 3 points each. The highest score wins!


If time allows there is always a Cupcake Sprinkle Relay Race. Using Mike & Ikes candies (sprinkles) see how many sprinkles make it to the bucket. Each team is timed to bring a spoonful of the candies to the bucket at the end. The team with the most sprinkles wins!


Decorating aprons is fun for the young bakers at a Cupcake themed party. Decorating aprons with fabric markers is a creative activity and also a great party favor to bring home.


  1. To add to your birthday party backdrop use Birthday Galore’s disposable tableware which includes paper plates, paper cups and napkins. Each piece is beautifully printed with a cool cupcake design.


  1. Making and decorating the cupcakes is of course the best part! Pre-bake cupcakes ahead of time. If your guests are older school age kids, including the baking of the cupcakes can make for a fun and skillful party. If your guests are younger a few extra hands for assistance would be helpful!

Have everything ready before the party in 4 stations. A table for frosting the cupcakes ( use store bought cans and add different colors to save time and trouble),

a table for sprinkles, all kinds of sprinkles and more sprinkles. This could be the messy station so keep each kind of sprinkle in separate bowls and each with a spoon.


A third station will be for final toppings or decorations such as crumbled cookies, candies or fruit. Yum Yum!


The fourth table or station will be set up with cupcake boxes, ready to go ( so they can eat their cake and have it too!) Little paperboard pastry boxes with clear lids work well and look extra cute! What a great party favor to bring home!

A Cupcake theme party is a really popular party theme for all ages.  First birthday cupcake parties especially  make for a sweet celebration. Little girls and boys love cupcakes, love sprinkles and bright colors so combine all these loves and make a cupcake theme party full of cupcake and fun!






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