Top 10 Kids Birthday Party Themes For May 2020

Planning the perfect birthday party theme for young children can be daunting because let's be real, you need to be extra creative to make it fun and interesting. But, don't sweat yourself. Here's a list of our list of favorite birthday party theme ideas that kids will absolutely love trending in May 2020!

1. Watermelon Theme Party

The month of May witnesses the arrival of many seasonal fruits. One of our favorites is the juicy watermelon. It's the perfect fruit to beat the summer heat. If you are tired of searching for an exciting birthday theme, organize a watermelon-themed birthday party! There's so much to explore. Fresh watermelon juice would make for a perfect party drink, juicy watermelon slices would be another tasty party snack, and custom watermelon decorations would surely add that pop of color.

2. School Bus Theme Party

May marks the end of the school year, and kids are finally relieved from the burden of homework and the long study hours. Organizing a school bus theme party is the perfect way to celebrate the end of school. Kids can dress up in school uniforms while enjoying school themed cookies. There are so many school theme ideas available for decoration.

3. Pool Party Birthday Theme

This is another brilliant theme to explore for your little one's birthday. You can use floaties, sand boxes, and tons of beach balls. Popsicles, glazed pineapple, donuts, and fruit punch make the perfect party snack. To add a personal touch, bake a homemade sand castle cake. Play lively and fun, summery music. Add an arts and crafts session where kids make fun art on the theme. You can organize various games such as marco polo or relay race.

4. Ice Cream Theme Party

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It's safe to say that our love for ice cream is eternal. Also, ice cream is a simple yet fun theme to explore. Kids just love ice cream. Given the hot weather of May, ice creams would make up for the perfect party snack. You can easily make fun ice cream based decorations. There are so many recipes that include ice cream as a main ingredient. You can explore all these fun recipes to make some lip smacking party treats. Organize a fun ice cream sundae station with different toppings where kids can make themselves a sundae using their favorite toppings. 

5. Tractor Theme Party

May is also the season of harvest of various food crops. If you are searching for a unique theme to explore, this is it! If your little one is obsessed with tractors, animals and trucks, a farm theme party might be a perfect choice. A farm theme party is a fun way to be creative. There are so many farm-inspired food ideas that one can explore. A fun playing space for kids where they can play with farm toys will be the cherry on top. You can also create fun projects based upon the theme to keep the little ones engaged.

6. Baseball Theme Party

If your little one is a big fan of baseball, a baseball-themed party would be the perfect way to go. Since May is the season of baseball leagues, it is the perfect time to organize a baseball-themed party. You can arrange a fun baseball game for kids to heighten their spirits. Baseball themed photo booths would be a perfect addition to the party. Arrange baseball themed stationery to give as return gifts. Kids can play around with props such as a baseball glove or a hat.

7. Music Themed Party

There are so many music festivals that happen across the world during the month of May. If your child enjoys singing or playing instruments, a music themed party will make up for a perfect celebration. There's so much you can work with. In addition to music party supplies, you can also arrange for various items such as a karaoke machine, toy instruments, fun accessories, etc. Hang a disco ball, decorate the walls with handmade vinyls, make pizza bagels, etc. to make the party fun and interesting. Send the guests with party favors such as music themed stationery or inflatable instruments.

8. Motorcycle Themed Party

The month of may is observed as motorcycle awareness month. If your child is obsessed with motorcycles, this is the idyllic theme choice to go for. Channel your inner biker and have a bikers' outfit dress code. Besides the biker themed party supplies such as cups, plates, etc. arrange for fun party accessories. You can make paper helmets that can be used as party hats. Create a makeshift race course and hire a few electronic motorcycles. Organize a fun little motorcycle race for the kids. For food, you can bake cookies that resemble the race track or motorbikes.

9. Chicken Themed Party

The month of may is observed as the annual international respect for chicken months. If your child is obsessed with poultry, organize a chicken-themed party for your little one. For snacks, you can make chocolate eggs filled with chocolate ganache. You can also bake egg/chicken shaped cookies. Set up a makeshift poultry farm and decorate it with fake chick toys and eggs. Organize a fun arts and crafts session for kids. A fun game such as pin the tail on the chicken is a must. Instead of using regular party hats, make chicken hats as a fun party accessory.

10. Rockstar Themed Party

Children love to shake a leg to rock songs and music. If you are debating between various themes and choices, this is the perfect theme. Few of the many rock stars born in the month of May include Judy Collins, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, etc. Make funky invitations in the form of concert tickets. Decorate the house with inflatable guitars. Arrange a fun activity area and put various toy instruments for kids to play. Funky wigs and huge glasses would make up for perfect party accessories.

With these brilliant birthday party themes and ideas, you will be able to give your children the birthday party of their dreams.


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