Planning an Airplane Themed Birthday & Party Ideas

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You love your kids more than anything in the world, and it's time for a special birthday party!  You want to go with a theme that matches your child's current passion, but how can you do it at reasonable prices and make it stand out?  Your child wants to feel special and have the other kids talking about that party!  I actually consulted with a friend who was a pro party planner when I needed to plan an airplane birthday party for my young potential pilot!  At first all I had in mind was some basics, but with a few pro tips I was able to get "on board" planning an airplane birthday party like no other.

Here was my starting list of questions to answer:
    •    What age of children would be attending?
    •    Would there be older children (siblings) and parents there making it important to plan fun for a mixed group?
    •    What kids/children’s airplane party supplies would I need?
    •    What kind of party favors would suit the theme and the ages present?
    •    What type of airplane-related themes made sense for my party?
    •    Vintage/Retro airplanes
    •    Modern airplanes
    •    Commercial flights
    •    Military flights

Once I had those questions answered, ideas for the party really began to flow.  Pretty soon I had some ideas fleshed out to create a spectacular and unique day for my kid.  I was almost ready to go shopping, but then I had to think through these:
    •    What was my budget?
    •    How large was the space and how many decorations were right to fill it?
    •    How much help did I have for cleanup and did I need disposable supplies or things I could keep, sell or give away?
    •    What type of supplies did I need to serve the food/cake/drinks?
    •    How many people would be attending?  Many of the supplies I needed came in 8/16/32 packs or other variations.

By the time I had filled out my full party-planning document, my party practically planned itself.  I knew that I wanted as many disposable items as possible for the most part, though I planned for some special souvenir items.  I had great ideas for a little goodie bag for each child attending. I was pretty certain the kids would love their party favors and be talking about them at school.  I planned for airplane-themed games but I also had ideas for a couple of games that would suit older siblings and parents so that everyone would have fun. I knew a couple of parents that were willing to come early and stay late to help, so I also chose some little gifts for them.  I picked out decor that would show up well in photos so we could use our smartphones to make digital memories.  

High Flyers Tip! - We sent out invitations with little boarding passes that the children were to bring with them.  We put the guest names on their passes and put them in a basket for a "raffle."  Since the children at our party were young, we actually made sure that every single child "won" a prize, but you could vary this for your party!

We shopped online for our supplies since that was the best way to stay in the right price range and to find a big selection.  As we went along, we had lots of ideas that came to us and helped us make our party unique.  Here are some of the fun things we did with our food and children's airplane party supplies:

To help us stay on budget, we used molds to create a simple airplane shaped cake.  We purchased decorations and shaped candies to enhance it and used chocolate donuts for the airplane wheels!

The birthday girl got her own little pilots cap instead of a party-hat.

For the party favors we didn’t use plain bags, we bought little boxes that resembled suitcases and put baggage claim tickets on them for each guest.

For a little entertainment we put a cardboard frame around our TV to make it resemble a movie screen.  We played a short airplane-themed cartoon that matched the attention span of the kids.  That was our “in-flight” entertainment!

The parents helping all wore blue jackets and served as “stewards/stewardesses” for the children.  The kids got a kick out of being offered their cake and juice by their personal attendants!

We had supplies for the children to build balsa-wood airplanes.  You could do this with paper airplanes too!

We knew someone from our local high school who taught science and physics.  We had him come and demonstrate some simple concepts about flight in a way that was interesting and entertaining for the children.  If you don’t know anyone with the know-how, a parent can view a few videos online and get the idea.  If you are lucky enough to know someone who is in the airline industry or military they might be willing to come and speak.

Fun Science Fact! - You can demonstrate gliding at your party by making and using a paper airplane.  Children might be interested to know that many mammals can glide.  Flying squirrels are a great example.  Bats are the only mammals we currently know of that can actually fly in a sustained way like some birds do!
Hopefully these ideas will stimulate your imagination so that you can plan your perfect airplane party for children!  You can adapt as needed for different ages or varied airplane themes.  By combing homemade items with the many options available online, you can make a party so memorable that your child will be the center of attention!


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